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by Melanie Kissell

Service professionals and other Solopreneurs often complain that social media sites are a waste of time. They spend hours crafting and posting promotional offers and updates that bring no sales, no clients, no subscribers, and no results.

The truth is that using social media venues is a smart, savvy, effective way to get your message out to your target market. The key is knowing HOW to do it right. Having one-way conversations by posting "Me, Me, Me", "I, I, I" messages simply doesn't work. Sorry to hurt your feelings but ... nobody cares about "You".

In order to get the results you desire and deserve, remember that flattery will get you everywhere. You may not be ready to hear this, but you must be prepared to "give" before you "get".

Here's how it works:

  1. Compliment

    Give others a thumbs up, a shout out, or kudos for a wonderful blog post, an inspirational quote, a helpful resource, a personal story, etc. that adds value to your life and/or your business. Simply let people know that you appreciate them or admire their expertise. Of course, be absolutely genuine. Don't say it if you really don't mean it. Everyone can spot a phony, fabricated remark. You'll be surprised how far sincerely complimenting others will, in turn, get you noticed online and build your credibility.
  2. Comment

    Always, always, always take the time to leave your thoughts in the comment box on someone's blog. Comments create backlinks to your site, providing a tremendous benefit to you. However, posting self-serving promos, coupon offers, and other sales messages will get your comments blocked. Remember that most successful online professionals moderate their blog comments. "Selling" is not proper social media etiquette and you'll be labeled as hype-y and probably banned from future comments. Only leave well thought out, appropriate comments that are directly related to the topic.

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