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I bet this thought has crossed your mind:"I sure hope I don't spill this coffee into my laptop."

Scary to think about, isn't it? What would the ramifications be if you did? And, how long would it take you to recover?

  • Lost programs.
  • Lost documents.
  • Lost pictures.
  • Lost emails, even.

And, that's just from a cup of coffee. Heck, it’s an innocent accident, right?

What about intentional malice? Hackers, viruses, identity theft -- eek!

Well, Nicole Dean, is an online business owner like you - and she was worried enough about these issues to write a report to address them. In it, she covers the following:

  1. The do's and dont's of creating and using passwords - so hackers can never guess or copy them and the no-sweat way to manage all your passwords. Never worry about forgetting, losing or having your passwords stolen.
  2. Why your business needs an emergency manual in case you get sick for an extended period, or worse. And, what to include in your emergency manual.
  3. Why an external hard drive backup is not enough. And, what to use in addition to your external drive backup.
  4. What files you should back up - so you know you've got all your bases covered.

Here's Nicole’s special report: “How to Safeguard Every Nook and Cranny of your Online Business”

Melanie Kissell
Marketing Your Business Online