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Some of the most prolific writers, speakers, marketers, coaches, and bloggers, like Chris Brogan, invite you and encourage you to think about the importance of story in your life.

Take a deep breath, go out on a limb, gamble a bit, and tell your story.

Unmasking what’s behind your programs, products, and services is the most compelling piece of marketing strategy you own. Nothing is more powerful than chiseling away at the exterior to reveal the human spirit within.

Business building aside …

When I crossed over that scary imaginary line and decided to stop keeping my story to myself, I felt a genuine sense of relief. Not to sound clich, but the process was very cathartic. Afterward I realized it was really what I needed to do all along. I needed to stop fighting the reluctance and the resistance and find the gumption to just do it.

Courage is a strange animal and an even stranger phenomenon. Once you embrace a tidbit of courage, bucketsful seem to emerge.

I can tell you emphatically, vociferously, and vehemently that telling your story will take you directly down a path to “finding your voice”. It will literally cement you in to a whole new way of thinking, working, engaging, and living your life.

What’s the importance of story in your life?

Melanie Kissell
Founder, Solo Mompreneur
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