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Drum roll please …


Even if you’ve been involved in online marketing for just a short time, I’m sure you understand the value and importance of testimonials, especially those that come from recognized experts in your niche.

Testimonials are oftentimes referred to as “Third-party validation” or “Social proof”.

When a prospective client or customer is trying to make the decision to invest with you or not, the one biggest determining factor is what others have to say about you.What you say about yourself really doesn’t matter. Sorry if that hurts your feelings.

Here’s a quick Action Plan for gathering testimonials from V.I.P.’s (Gurus):

  • Identify 5 people whom you plan to ask
  • Decide if you will call or email them
  • Plan out how and where you’ll use their testimonial
  • Determine what you will offer them in exchange for their testimonial
  • Draft a phone script or email letter
  • Just DO it!

If someone you plan to ask does not have firsthand experience with your business, send along a free copy of your information product for review, a free subscription to your membership site, or free samples of your products and an offer for future discounts.

Be generous! Testimonials from V.I.P.’s are priceless and they can make ALL the difference in moving your business forward.

Melanie Kissell
Founder, Solo Mompreneur
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