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We had such a wonderful group of women (andbabies) on Wednesday; thanks so much to all of you who came, participated, shared, and laughed with us as we explored the topic of 'Better Bonding with Your Baby,' both during pregnancyand after.

Check out the tips below on how to Better Bond with Your Baby, provided by experts and experienced moms.

If you have tips to share or things to learn about better bonding with your baby, both during and after pregnancy, be sure to read or add to the post and comments below.

Also, check out the giveaways for the month; the first giveaway is'The First 8 Days of Being a Mom,' an essential guide to all expecting andnew moms to help you through the first few weeks and months of life withyour new baby, combined with a free consultation with postpartum doulaDoris Kitchin. Remember, as one of the tips below clearly explains, you MUSTtake care of yourself and be present in the moment to be open to any bonding experience, especially with your baby.

At the end of the month, we will be featuring a special, wearable band for the pregnant belly - that plays music and recordings for your unborn child! What a great way for your baby to begin bonding with everyone else who loves them, far or near. Check on the homepage for our current giveaway.

Stay tuned and keep checking in for more tips on how to better your bonding experience with yourbaby...

What people had to say about this event:

"This was a WONDERFUL event!! Thank you so much for this wonderful service for all parents and practitioners." Monta Briant Baby Sign Language Basics and Baby Garten Studio

"Natural Baby Pros is a wonderful place to meet people, learn and laugh about all things regarding natural life style for you and your family." Dawnell Jensen, Bud to Blossom Doula Services

"Great way for practitioners to meet each other and know who to refer to." Dr. Gina Caserma, World of Wellness Chiropractic

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Feel free to add your own tips to the mix by commenting below -you never know which tip will make a big difference for a new or expecting parent...