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Our 'Meet the Practitioner' event, held at Indigo Village in Encinitas, featured the topic 'Remembering to Take Care of YOURSELF After Having a Baby.' It's quite an easy concept, yet so many of us new (and seasoned) moms either forget to do simple things for ourselves, or too easily and willingly put them last on our list of priorities...

Why? Only you can take responsibility for taking care of yourself. Without our own health and well-being, it is nearly impossible to give our children and families the care and attention they need.

Here are some simple tips (from the amazing practitioners who were at our event) to help you fit your YOUtime into your day. Feel free to add your own tips to the mix by commenting below - us moms can use all the tips we can get...


10 Easy Ways to Take Care of Yourself After Having a Baby

from Susie Walton - Indigo Village - Encinitas, CA

  1. Do not over-schedule yourself (Susie suggests scheduling no more than 3 'To-Do' items per day)
  2. Take a Shower (take advantage of the therapeutic effect of water)
  3. Ask for what you want versus what you don't want
  4. Take a Redirecting Children's Behavior class as soon as possible (trust me, you will learn ALOT more than just how to parent your children!)
  5. Go outside and get some fresh air
  6. Take a walk
  7. Remember the concept 'It takes a village"- build your support system before baby comes!
  8. Monitor your visitors. You need time alone for bonding
  9. Don't sweat the small stuff
  10. Listen to your instincts and follow your heart. You are your own best expert!

From Clinical and Holistic Nutritionist, Christa Orecchio from The Whole Journey :

  1. Drink 16 oz room temp water with the juice of half a lemon first thing every morning to kick start metabolism and to activate internal organs.
  2. Eat breakfast everyday with healthy fat and protein (fruit or coffee and a muffin will create a nightmare of a day with energy ups and downs). See my latest blog for ideas. Back to School: Smart Eating for Moms and Kids
  3. Get the sugar out! You don't have to lose the sweetness decreasing sugar intake will pay exponential dividends. Try usingnatural sweeteners and if you go for baked goods or ice cream, choose healthier brands likeNana's cookies or Coconut Bliss ice cream.

From Joann Swift Woolley, Sign 4 Baby

Leaving your baby crying in the arms of someone who loves them is not the same as crying it out.... so you can still get out and have some 'me' time. (This is such a difficult one for moms, esp AP minded moms.)

Kari Pearman, Marriage Family Therapist and Neurofeedback Clincian

Its ok to miss aspects of your old life or your old self, even though you love your baby and love your life. Its a big tranistion and a huge emotional adjustment with a lot of loss of "old self" . Society says its not ok to be anything but happy. It takes time to incorporate the new you with a new and fuller identity.

Kristine Grant, LMFT, CPC,

Know that all children are born with a full set of emotions. Emotions are not “acquired” along the way. Therefore, babies can experience feelings such as shame, abandonment, depression, sadness, fear, anxiety, pride, joy, and love. Treat your baby with all the kindness, respect, and care you would want for yourself. Children learn from their parents more than anyone. By setting an ongoing example of mutual respect, kindness, and care and staying relaxed, calm, and positive while communicating and otherwise taking good care of yourself and “being” a happy parent, your child will be emotionally “imprinted” with concepts such as “the world is a safe place; I am loveable; I am enough”.

More tips to come on Taking Care of Yourself After Having a Baby! Stay tuned...

Next month's topic will be 'Better Bonding with Your Baby'- get and share your tips in person at our next event on October 6th in La Mesa (details here).