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Born in 1752 what is there to do?  Well if you are a 24 year widow named Betsy Ross you sew the first American flag of course.  Betsy Ross was asked by George Washington himself to sew the flag.  She ran her own upholstery business and was known for her sewing skills.  George Washington was very impressed when he gave her a rough sketch of the flag that had six pointed stars on it.  Betsy whipped out her scissors and with one cute made a five pointed star.  Of course now I’m going to attempt a five pointed star cut. 

So where am I going with all this?  Betsy Ross was a business woman, in a man’s world.  She has gained my respect even more.  It’s hard enough to run a business in this century with a husband.  I believe she was successful because she enjoyed sewing and producing something.  I’m guessing it was opposite to the way the world works today.  Almost everything you owned would certainly been made in America unless you were rich and could afford imported luxuries.  Today sadly most of the items in our house are from foreign countries.  I bought a shirt the other day, made in country I have never heard of.

Luckily if you search and research you can still find products made in America.  I am very proud to say all Lullababes blankets are sewn in sunny southern California.  Even if my company does explode I will always have an American made product.  It’s important to me and my country.  Our world is so advanced with all our technology, it’s nice to know some things are still done the same way they were hundreds of years ago.