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Teaching prenatal yoga I have watched many women become empowered to birth the way they found was best suited for their personal experience. I used the same tools that I educate women with to birth my daughter & son without medication at Best Start Birth Center.

My 1st was a long labor, and 4.5 hours of pushing! At no point did I ever feel like I can not do this, I had the endurance, I kept breathing and moving & our miracle emerged from my womb. I thought my 2nd would be easier, he was faster and I got him out in 4 pushes yipee but I went through a lot of back labor and was not sure if I could keep going but my support team (husband & mom), yoga techniques, & clear focus for the birth I wanted our baby to have got us through.

Experienced in prenatal massage, a trained doula, certified yoga instructor, co-owner Jade Dragon Yoga Shala, & mother of 2 energetic Love Bugs, I know how to guide & inform my clients. I invite you to come practice yoga & experience the difference it will make for labor, delivery & the crucially important post-partum period.

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