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I am one of the herbalists that answers questions and shares information about herbs, nutrition and pregnancy for Natural Baby Pros. I am also a doula and mother of twins who has had a natural birth, c-section, vbac (vaginal birth after cesarean) and 2 hbacs (homebirth after cesarean) and am here to answer any questions that many arise during your pregnancy or while you are in the planning stages. 

 For my company, The Healing Pot, today is Welcoming Womb Wednesday and I normally try to post here and on our facebook and twitter page.  So, today I wanted to share this information about our family experiences so that we may be of service to your growing family and support you in your research to have a safe and beautiful pregnancy.  

My Welcoming Womb tip for today … as an herbalist I love different teas and one of my favorite herbs is ginger.  During our last pregnancy, I requested one of my favorite drinks in the form of ice cubes to suck on during labor.  This wonderful tea includes tamarind, ginger, organic agave nectar and fresh lemon juice.  So boil, brew, be blissful and freeze.


Aisha Alayande
NBP Expert Herbalist
The Healing Pot

Topics: herbs