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by Dawn Wade

You have just been blessed with your precious little bundle or bundles. Now you are ready to take this gift home. Or are you?

  • Is breast feeding frightening you to death? Are you prepared for many sleepless nights? What is a comfortable temperature for the baby's room?
  • Is it better to feed your baby right before bedtime, so sleep will be sweet?
  • What do I do if the baby won't stop crying?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed and sad, instead of joyfull?

All of these concerns can be addressed by our professionals. We come to you in the privacy and comfort of your home and walk you through all the challenges.

The first weeks at home with a newborn can be difficult for the entire family, both physically and emotionally.
NOT TO WORRY offers wonderful solutions.

  • Day & Ovenight relief
  • Help with fussy babies
  • Breasfeeding support for mom and baby
  • Practical tips for new parents
  • Time for yourself
  • Care for twins, triplets, and more

All our professionals are over the age of 21, certified to provide CPR for infants, children, adults and possess a valid driver's license and auto insurance. Our thorough pre-employment screening process includes personal interviews, criminal and DMV background checks, prior employment checks, social security verifications.

We are sure you will rest easy with no worries with NOT TO WORRY by your side.  Visit .