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This month, we are happy to feature Layla Adonai and the work she does to support the healing process of parents as they travel the road of birth and parenthood.

Layla Adonai has served for over 30 yrs in the Sacred Healing Arts. Bringing her vast store of experience as a bodyworker, 
doula, healer, priestess, mentor and counselor she creates a safe and magical space for transformation and growth on all levels for individuals, couples, communities and the world. Layla has been called by the future children to work with parents-to-be and families, assisting them in preparing and making the way more conscious, healthy and beautiful for the children. 

Layla is in San Diego monthly for in person sessions, which often include bodywork. She works by phone as well and finds that work to be very effective. A combination of sessions, in person and phone is ideal for resolving trauma as well as Family Planning. Package deals are available.

You can contact Layla here:

Phone: 510-610-8418
Email: [email protected]

Free consult and $50 off

Free 20 min consultation to help determine the best ways for you to be supported.

$50 off first session ( in person or phone)

Reverence for Birth and All that Happens!

Honoring the truth about the intensity of childbirth and all that happens to bring a child into this world is at the core of my service. In my work as a Holistic Empowered Family Planner I am inspired to help create a new birth culture that prepares more consciously for the other side of childbirth. Continuing to be motivation by my vision, which lead to becoming a doula in 2000, that having a woman be supported during birth would be a most revolutionary way to change the world! Imagine having mothers feel supported and held so that their experience of mothering came from a place of fullness, and the blessing that would bring to the children and future generations!

After years of serving women I see that planning and postpartum care is still a place that women are in need of support. I am working as a childbirth trauma specialist because I see so many mothers that have unresolved issues on all levels. My work incorporates physical, mental, emotional and energetic healing. The traumas from childbirth can be deep, subtle and layered. Often ingrained and entwined within the body and psyche they require time, acceptance and compassion to understand and resolve. Creating a gentle and loving space to open, integrate and restore wholeness, I bringing a wide range of modalities from structural bodywork to energetic spiritual healing.

In my private practice I see many women that are still suffering from giving birth to their children. Whether it be a persistent back pain, an emotional heaviness or an underlying mental ache that keeps them wishing things had been different. Often it comes as a little nagging thought or feeling or pain, something you can and do override to be Mommy and take care of all that is required of you. Postpartum is a time of many emotions, hormones and changes and it is sometimes hard to distinguish and determine what is normal. It is best to not try to figure all that out and honor that if you are feeling out of sorts then it is perfect for you to make time to reestablish your center and feeling good in your body and with yourself.

The truth is that the hurt and trauma doesn’t just go away. It requires making time to be and deal with those difficult memories and feelings around what happened during childbirth. This sometimes takes years to process or even get around to. By honoring the trauma and accepting it’s existence we can begin to let go of the past, sometimes with the wisdom of hindsight, other times simply because it isn’t helpful to hold onto any more. Either way it’s not easy and can usually go better with support from a kind friend, healer, therapist or spiritual counsel.

For many the trauma can be deeply buried or unconscious. When I first trained to be a Rebirther back in the 80’s I was amazed at how much trauma was cleared from the nervous system from both in utero and birth, our own and giving birth. It is hard to imagine how much a woman’s body is doing to manage pregnancy and childbirth, then to add all the experiences on the outside – people, places, complications. It can be very overwhelming. And that is how things get buried.. When there isn’t the capacity to “deal” with it right then. it gets stored somewhere in the body, mind, heart or energy field.

I’ve worked with Mothers who gave birth 35+ years ago and asked “what was your childbirth experience like?” and had them well up in tears because of the mental/ emotional pain they have carried for all that time. Guilt and shame and wishing it had been different. Feelings of regret and disappointment that have lived deep inside the whole time of their parenting and still eat away at their sense of self worth and identity as a woman.

With gentleness and allowing for all that is to be there, it is my honor to support women (and men) to hold these parts of them with loving kindness and begin to explore what is needed for them to forgive, release and heal. Often as people begin to share their body will take on certain postures or reveal where the trauma has been stored. We can work physically to release things on all levels. By giving voice to those places and parts that are unresolved more is revealed about what happened, and what still needs to happen to feel complete and whole and be able to move on in peace.

Often the things that are incomplete have to do with relationships and other people. There is much that can be done even years later to clear and complete these things. Forgiveness and letting go have no time limit.

When I work with clients via phone or skype it is a similar process of discovery and unwrapping what has been safely hidden until the right time and conditions for healing.

Now is a perfect time to begin. Whether it’s been years or days since you had your child here are some things you can do:

  • Write and Share – journal and share your experience out loud. As you tell your birth story listen to/ for those places where you edit or have feelings arise. Notice the overall tone of the story.. is it happy, sad, disappointed, amazed? What support would allow the deeper feelings and uncomfortable places to be held, experienced and released if needed?

    * Make a special time with your partner and those present to talk about what happened for them at the birth. With respect and honor allow each one to share their different experience. Let it be a time of deep listening and healing. Notice where people may still be processing the event and may need support to integrate, heal or resolve something.
  • Give yourself time after the birth to frequently notice and acknowledge how you are doing. While nursing or when your baby is napping take a few moments to take an inventory - how you are physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and energetically? Keep a notebook and jot a few notes down.. then ask yourself What could help me shift my state?  What would feel really good right now? Then do that or ask for support to get what you need.

    * Flower and Gem essences, as well as homeopathics, are a great support for rebalancing emotions and energy and restoring harmony to your whole being. It is also important to get good nutrition from food, herbs and other selfcare.
  • Get some hands on healing, massage, acupuncture, chiropractic etc. Having nurturing touch to help you get acquainted with your new post partum body. So much has happened in childbirth and you are a new and different woman.

    * If you are suffering with a deeper trauma or daily pain on any level – physical, mental, emotional or energetic - get support. Call one or more: doctor, midwife, therapist, spiritual guide or health care practitioner. Give yourself permission and make the time to get the care you need and deserve so that you can be the best person and parent you can be.