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After establishing a successful television career, Sunny Gault transitioned to being a full-time mom in 2010 when her first son was born—despite never having changed a diaper. She met the challenge of parenting head-on by combining it with her media talent, helping to launch the web TV series Momversation and hosting and producing the online radio show PregTASTIC. In 2012, two months prior to the birth of her second child, Sunny established New Mommy Media, featuring three, weekly podcasts focused on easing the transition to parenthood.

We are proud to present Sunny as this month's spotlight member, as well as the first National Founding Member of Natural Baby Pros and our Natural Baby Project!

Take a look at some of Sunny's videos on her website,, or catch a glimpse of her in the recorded broadcasting videos from the 2013 Your Natural Baby Fair and others found in her business listing here on NBP.  

Interested in being a panelist on her show?  Watch this quick video about what to expect and how to participate.  They're always looking for parent panelists and experts to join the shows! If you're an expert on a topic related to pregnancy, parenting or breastfeeding, or you're a parent who would like to be part of our discussions, simply go to the corresponding show website, click on "Community" and fill out the online form. You can also request to join their facebook group. If you don't live in the San Diego, you can still participate by becoming a virtual panelist. Follow their facebook updates and tweets as they record their shows, submit your comments and questions LIVE and they'll incorporate them into the shows! You could even win a FREE one month subscription to the shows, simply for participating! Visit their websites for more information!

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Read on to learn more about Sunny and the role she plays in bringing education to expecting and new moms!

1. What is your relationship to fertility, pregnancy, birth, and/or mommy/baby care, and how does your work relate to it?

My company, New Mommy Media, creates weekly audio podcasts focused on pregnancy, parenting and breastfeeding. We have local moms and dads join us in studio as we interview experts and discuss topics important to new and expecting parents.

2. What inspired you to do the work you do?

My background is in broadcast journalism and I worked as a news anchor/reporter in local television markets for years. I loved interviewing people and telling their stories. That led to me creating content online where anyone could access it. When I became a mother, I felt inspired to create a resource with quality information parents can access anytime, anywhere from any device.

3. What is the most important thing a pregnant woman or a woman trying to conceive should know about her body, giving birth, and caring for herself and her baby, based on your personal and professional experience?

Having interviewed many experts and parents, and after my own personal experience, there are three main lessons I’ve learned about pregnancy and parenting.

#1  Your body is amazing, and is capable of doing much more than we ever imagine. So, give your body more credit and explore the possibilities.

#2  You have many choices when it comes to pregnancy and parenting. Research those choices and figure out what works best for you.

#3  The best thing you can do for your children is to show them that you love them. If you do that well, everything else will fall into place.

4. What is your biggest obstacle in supporting pregnant or trying-to-conceive women and/or babies?

We have fantastic content on all our shows. Our experts are amazing and the panelists continue to fascinate me with their empowering stories. The biggest issue is just getting the word out about our podcasts. It’s such a wonderful resource and the information is relevant to parents all over the world, however much of our audience is still untapped. If you have a business that can help us spread the word, please contact me!

5. Tell me your best success story.

We have received some wonderful comments from parents who listen to our shows. We did an episode on precipitous labor and received an email from a mom who listened to the episode and a week later had an unpredicted precipitous labor. She said she was much better prepared after listening to our episode. We’ve also had several emails from moms who said our shows inspired them to continue breastfeeding despite their challenges, and one mom even chose to pursue a career as a lactation consultant. We absolutely love hearing these stories and we usually share these stories with our listeners as well.