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  • Bruce Larsen

I remember my first experience at parenting class, and the excitement I felt after attending that first day.  Why???  Because Lesson One was all about learning to Take Care of Yourself in order to be the best, most effective parent possible.  Easy enough, right?  Apparently not for me, a recently new mom who still struggled with finding enough time to shower everyday...

Now that my youngest is about to turn 5, I still struggle with making 'Me' time a priority, finding balance between work, kids and self-nurturing.  And, I know that new (and seasoned) moms everywhere share a similar struggle.  For this reason, we would like to turn the focus this month to Balance - in hopes that we can help you (as well as remind ourselves) why it is so very important to make your 'Me' time a top priority. 

Please leave your suggestions and tips about balancing work, kids, self-nurturing and everything in between.  What has worked best for you to help you balance it all, to make sure you honor your 'Me' time, and what would you suggest to other moms?  

We will be posting the top tips in this month's newsletter!

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