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The Natural Fertility Retreat is Coming Up!  It's not too late to benefit from what Dr. Iva Keene has to offer at her retreats.  Read below to learn more about them, the importance of 'retreat' when trying to conceive, and other tips to improve your fertility.  Learn more about her retreats here.


NBP:  What is your background and experience with treating infertility?

Dr. Keene:  My educational background is that I'm a naturopathic physician with a post graduate specialisation in reproductive medicine. I completed a masters in Reproductive Medicine at the University of New South Wales in Australia in addition to a Bachelors in Health Science in natural medicine. In my clinical practice I've focused on combining natural fertility treatments with conventional treatments to offer my patients what I believe is the best possible preparation for pregnancy whether naturally or via ART if they need to use an ART method. With my natural method I've successfully treated clients who presented with most of the main forms of infertility including: male and female infertility, unexplained infertility, recurrent miscarriages, age related infertility and common female reproductive conditions such as endometriosis and PCOS.

NBP:  What have you found to be the most important thing(s) for couples to do to improve their fertility?

Dr. Keene:  In my view the thing that has the most powerful impact on our fertility is our daily dietary and lifestyle habits. Many people are not fully aware of all their daily rituals and how much these can unknowingly affect their fertility. Small habits repeated over 10 or 20 years can have a huge impact on our health and fertility. What we eat, drink, inhale and put on our skin becomes the building blocks of and makes it's way into our cells. So we have to make sure that those daily rituals are healthy ones which support out reproductive system and reproductive cells. The answer to fertility problems is not a magic pill or a hormone injection. It's the dietary and lifestyle habits of both partners for a minimum of 120 days before conception. It takes 120 days for the primordial egg ells to mature into the eggs women ovulate and for men it takes approximately a 90 days cycle to produce a new batch of sperm.

NBP:  How important is 'retreat' for couples trying to conceive?

Dr. Keene:  We offer a very successful online downloadable home study program (and accompanying programs for specific issues) which are accessible to anyone in the world. A retreat is an extra step for those who want my personal guidance for a week. Rather than having to read and apply everything yourself you can work with me for a week and let me do all the work for you. In addition during a retreat couples get a chance to meet other couples in a similar situation and this boosts their confidence and can also build friendships for life. A retreat also ensures that you get all the motivation and guidance you need to get you started on this four month journey which is not easy!

NBP:  What makes your retreat special?  What can a couple expect when going there?

Dr. Keene:  There is no other fertility retreat that offers our proven NFP method. We follow a series of crucial steps which are the key to a couple's success on their fertility journey. The beauty of the retreat is that we can transform the NFP program for you in an ideal, real life experience with all our organic recipes, practitioner grade supplements, mind-body techniques coupled with my clinical background and a special talent for unearthing the cause which is individual for each couple. The program during the retreat is also tailored to couple's unique needs and issues which I put together following an analysis of their case prior to the retreat.

NBP:  Why Mexico?  Sanoviv?

Dr. Keene:  Sanoviv is not only located in a magical location on the Baja California coast, but it also boasts five star resort facilities. But Sanoviv is so much more. It's been refered to as the model healing centre for the 21st century by Alternative Medicine Magazine. Sanoviv offers the most unique and advanced holistic medical facilities of the 21st century. It uses an integrative medicine approach and doctors sit together and discuss a case in a team before the best  treatment protocol is selected. At Sanoviv naturopaths and medical doctors work together to offer you the best treatment possible for your individual case.

NBP:  For those who cannot make it to your retreat, what are 5 things they can do from their home to improve their chances of conceiving a healthy child?

Dr. Keene:  Firstly get the best information possible and get yourself educated about what can harm and what can improve your pregnancy outcomes. I am biased but I do highly recommend our NFP program as it covers all the bases and offers much more. Secondly, don't self-prescribe when it comes to supplements and herbs. Not all supplements are created equal and not all herbs are suitable for everyone. And bear in mind that for most of my patients the cause of their infertility does not reside in their reproductive system, but their immune system, or digestive system, or thyroid function which indirectly affect their reproductive system and their egg and sperm quality. In such cases you can take all the Vitex, Maca and folic acid in the world without any success. So my advice is always seek help from a qualified natural health practitioner, you'll save a lot of time and money in the long run. I know this from personal experience with clients who come to me after years of self prescribing and self-treating at which point they are at their wits end and so is their bank account.

NBP:  How can someone get in touch with you? 

Dr. Keene:  They can email me at [email protected] or use the contact options on our website here:

You can also ask Dr. Keene your questions in her expert forum on Natural Baby Pros!