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Are you or someone you know seeking additional resources to assist you with a natural pregnancy? Amy Saloner, Co-Founder of Natural Baby Pros, is committed to assisting families with finding natural solutions for fertility, pregnancy, birth and childcare. Watch Amy Here as she speaks on the topic of Thriving, Not Just Surviving,as a Parent - and get a free gift at the end of her video!


The Childbirth Summit continues through the end of this week. Listen in and discover more fantastic speakers each day from October 1st through 25th, 2013. Hear speakers such as:

  • Ibu Robin Lim - CNN's 2011 Hero of the Year and founder of a childbirth center in Indonesia
  • Dr. Jeanne Ohm - a chiropractor for pregnant women, infants and children
  • Sarah Clark - the popular Mama Birth Blog
  • Rhondda Hartman - an expert on natural childbirth exercises for an easier delivery
  • and more!

Each interview can only be posted for 5 days - so be sure to listen every day. All the experts have graciously donated their time to the National Center for Wellness Childbirth Initiative - and have ALSO provided a free gift at the end of their interviews.  Check them out here!