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It's finally time to celebrate!
 After 5 years of being online, and 3 different versions of our website, Natural Baby Pros is ready to celebrate our latest re-launch! Our new social platform is growing with functionality and members.  We can't thank all of you, our members, guests, fans and families, enough for all your support.  Because we are so grateful to you, and we are so excited to be celebrating our new online platform, we are throwing an online party for everyone to participate in!  Here is what we have going on:

Participate, and you can win prizes!

Prizes, featured throughout the 40 days of celebration, include Boiron, Naturepedic Organic Mattresses, gDiapers,  Dr. Brown's, Eco Kids, the Little Yoga Mat, Credible Craving, Green Kids Crafts, books, online courses and more.  Participation is as simple as "Liking" us on Facebook, signing up for one of our newsletters, posting on our website, taking a poll and more.

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Learn about the different natural, safe options for your growing family.

Each of the 40 days we will be featuring a different therapy, modality, or topic specifically for parents and couples raising and growing their family.  On each day, we encourage everyone to share about their experiences with those therapies, leave testimonials for their favorite providers and businesses, or ask questions of our experts so they can clarify their understanding of how each could be of benefit to them.

40 Days of Celebration Schedule:

CyberMonday Coupon Kick-Off!   December 2, 2013.  Save on safe/non-toxic products, from companies such as Green Kids Crafts, doTerra Bliss, Fit4Mom, Nuzzle, and more. Followed by 39 more days of celebrating each therapy and topic we find most valuable to know about and have on hand for your family:

12/3/2013      Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

12/4/2013      Aromatherapy

12/5/2013      Yoga

12/6/2013      Chiropractic

12/7/2013      Midwives

12/8/2013      Doulas

12/9/2013      Nutrition

12/10/2013   Conscious Conception & Fertility

12/11/2013   Father's to Be Support

12/12/2013   Birth Centers & Mother-Baby Friendly Hospitals

12/13/2013   DIY-Play

12/14/2013   Healthy Home

12/15/2013   Naturopathy

12/16/2013   Fitness

12/17/2013   Baby Signing

12/18/2013   Physical Therapy

12/19/2013   Postpartum & Post C-Section Support

12/20/2013   Lactation Support

12/21/2013   Baby & Family Planning

12/22/2013   Natural Dentistry

12/23/2013   Placenta Encapsulation

12/24/2013   Homeopathy

12/25/2013   Herbal Medicine

12/26/2013   Flower Essences

12/27/2013   Integrative Medical Care

12/28/2013   VBAC

12/29/2013   Diapering and Elimination Communication

12/30/2013   Hypnosis

12/31/2013   Childbirth Education

1/1/2014        Sleep Support

1/2/2014        Osteopathy

1/3/2014        Cognitive Development & Sensory Integration

1/4/2014        Mental & Emotional Well Being

1/5/2014        Car Seat Safety

1/6/2014        Bodywork & Massage Therapy including MELT, Cranial Sacral, Healing Touch & more

1/7/2014        Skin Care Specialists

1/8/2014        Pilates

1/9/2014        Somatic Therapies: Alexander/Feldenkrais

1/10/2014      Babywearing


1/11/2014       Music

1/12/2014        Capturing Memories

If you are a business and you would like to add content to the website please see a special opportunity HERE only good through January 2014. And if you would like to donate to our raffle for one of our celebration days, please contact [email protected]