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Welcome to our January 2014 Giveaway... and this month, EVERYONE is a winner!   The giveaways for our 40 Days of Celebration were such a hit that we've decided to do a new one every month. We gave away a Babyhawk carrier, Boiron homeopathy care basket, doTerra essential oil kit, a Naturepedic organic mattress, and many more awesome prizes.   We are excited to kick off these regular, monthly giveaways with the perfect parenting giveaway.  Read more below.  

Win "Taming Your Wild Child: 7 Proven Principles to a Deeper Connection that Fosters Confidence and Compassion While Transforming Behavior, Too!", with a free audio download


How to Enter?

Simply comment on this blog down at the bottom (you must be logged in) and share either:

a) All the ways you connect with your child or plan to when your baby is born AND/OR

b) Your suggestions for upcoming product giveaways and why you would like to see them/win them.

At the end of the giveaway, we will send you a link to the eBook and audio.


About this eBook and audio

As parents, we do our best with the knowledge we have, but what if what we don’t know is really the issue at hand? People say, “ignorance is bliss.” But what if our ignorance in wanting to learn another philosophy to parenting is getting in the way of our children thriving, including the relationship with our children? And if there is another way, what are the tools we can use to create a mutually respectful way to communicate with one another?

Most parents feel that it’s the behavior that needs to be addressed but it’s really not about your child’s behavior being the root cause of their actions. It’s the disconnection and unmet needs that are the catalyst.

In this amazing giveaway, you will receive a free copy of Tangee Veloso-Pueblos' eBook, "Taming Your Wild Child: 7 Proven Principles to a Deeper Connection that Fosters Confidence and Compassion While Transforming Behavior, Too!"
Even though the title of this book is called “Taming Your Wild Child”, it is not really so much about making your overzealous toddler or your rebellious teen more calm. It is really about the wild child within YOU that you will be learning how to tame so that you can begin to cultivate the 7 Proven Principles that can create a more loving partnership with your children – especially in the midst of the oh-so challenging moments!

When you’re able to weave the 7 Proven Principles that will be shared within the pages of this book into your parenting toolkit AND tap into your own well of intuition, transformation takes place!

What you will learn from this book:

  • What it means to be a conscious parent in your own home and becoming aware of your choices
  • The 7 Proven Principles that can build a deeper connection with your child
  • How to set loving limits without losing your cool
  • Techniques that honor self-care and self-love so that you can become more present with your parenting choices
  • Why it is so important to find your own village to cultivate connection amongst other parents and caregivers on this same parenting journey
  • And much more!

Not only will you receive a copy of "Taming Your Wild Child: 7 Proven Principles to a Deeper Connection that Fosters Confidence and Compassion While Transforming Behavior, Too!", you will also get a free audio download that can help clear limiting beliefs you may have about not having enough time or energy to get your needs met.

When you are able to clear any limitations that have been holding you back from becoming who you really want to be (for yourself and for your family) AND have a guide like the "Taming Your Wild Child" eBook to help deepen the connection in the home, the results can be phenomenal! And the best part is that it can be all yours for FREE (normally a value of $49)!

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