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By Rose and Matt Hollo
[email protected]

We Baby-Hawkers have a favorite tagline:  #RealMenWearBabies.    There’s no denying that men wearing babies sends the ladies’ hearts all-a-flutter!  Men may not think it’s so macho, but when they learn that women swoon over this act, they are usually glad to lend a hand.

Bonding with dad is great for babies, and it’s great for moms, too!  It gives us a break.  Just as baby wearing frees our hands, daddy-wearing liberates our whole bodies to move with a freedom we often only dream about (when we actually get some sleep)!

My hubby Matt is a great sport, and has grown to love baby wearing.  He often wore our daughter in our beloved pink Mei Tai when she was a “colicky” infant.  

Matt says, “A big part of the reason I love baby wearing is because I didn’t have the ability to breastfeed or carry our baby in my womb.  It’s the next best thing for building attachment.  When she was little everything seemed more difficult, but it got easier when she was in the carrier.  I could get stuff done around the house, gave Rose a break, and calmed my daughter all at once.  Because I’m physically stronger, I could literally take the weight off of Rose.  Now that she’s bigger, I still enjoy baby wearing in public.  It feels good being an example for attachment parenting and encouraging other men to do the same. I love it!”

Our family does a lot of weekend traveling, whether it’s for business or visiting family.  Matt’s new custom BabyHawk was recently put to use and he just loves the support it gives our daughter, who is a long, lanky 23 pounds.   She loves riding in it, too.  That thing has been all over the Midwest with us this spring.

She’s not a great napper, especially on the road, but we know that we can plop her into the carrier and take a walk during her normal naptime, and she’ll settle right down on his back and go to sleep. 

Pictured is Matt carrying our zonked-out daughter on a trip to Chicago.  We went for a nature walk during her naptime, because she will not nap anywhere else.

If the daddy in your life would like his own carrier, please visit for more information, or send Robyn a private message on the Facebook page:     She’s always happy to help!