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Dr. Mary Anne Morelli Haskell is a pediatric ostopathic physician in Coronado, CA.  With a successful career spanning over 18 years, Dr. Mary Anne has distinguished herself as a physician, professor and lecturer.

Dr. Mary Anne is passionate about the contribution that osteopathy's holistic approach makes to children's health and development. She has taught about the osteopathic approach to treating children in the United States, Europe and Australia and has served as faculty for The Cranial Academy, the Osteopathic Center for Children and the Sutherland Cranial Teaching Foundation. She is an associate professor for Western University and serves as a preceptor for osteopathic medical students interested in treating children. She has published in the AAO Journal and was a contributing author for the Foundations of Osteopathic Medicine, 2nd Ed. 2003.

Dr. Mary Anne is also active in giving community and school lectures on the contribution of osteopathic medicine to relieving birth trauma, children's health and development, as well as the importance of a good diet. As well as continuing education classes in her field, she also attends conferences related to functional medicine, nutrition, natural medicine and autism.


1. What is your relationship to fertility, pregnancy, birth, and/or mommy/baby care, and how does your work relate to it?  

Our office loves to support parents and prospective parents in optimizing their health prior to conception.  A healthy diet is essential. Osteopathic manipulation can help maintain freedom of motion in the pelvis which is helpful before conception, during pregnancy and after delivery for moms.  Gentle osteopathic treatment is wonderful for newborns.   The baby’s head does an amazing job molding to mom’s pelvis.  With the first breaths of life and nursing at the breast, the baby’s head unfolds.  Sometimes this process is interrupted by forces of labor or other issues that can complicate delivery.  Therefore I recommend an osteopathic evaluation in the first week or two of life.

2. What inspired you to do the work you do?

In my office, I have a picture of me taking my doll’s temperature about age 4.  Next to me I have a doctor’s kit and on my head, I have a nurse’s cap.  I wanted to help people, to teach.  As a child, I had some health challenges.  It was frustrating to not find answers.  This lead to my interest in the osteopathic philosophy of medicine and to the study of integrative medicine.  I also worked with an amazing osteopathic physician specializing children.  It was wonderful to see the children come into greater freedom in their bodies and overall health.

3. What is the most important thing a pregnant woman or a woman trying to conceive should know about her body, giving birth, and caring for herself and her baby, based on your personal and professional experience?     

Love yourself, your body and your baby!  (and your partner and family of course)  Oneness is so important for the family.  Babies are amazing beings and have much to teach us.  They teach us to just “BE”.  

4. What is your biggest obstacle in supporting pregnant or trying-to-conceive women and/or babies?

It is all about enabling parents and parents to be find the information they need to help them on their journey.  That’s why Natural Baby Pros is a great resource in the community.

5. Tell me your best success story.

My best success story is the number of families in my practice where I am seeing the 3rd generation.  I see many special children-from those who come in for optimal health and wellness care to children with special needs.  Each child has something to teach us.