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Country: United States
State / Province: Arkansas
City: Fayetteville
Zip: 72702
Phone: 8003451199
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Website: Visits 1765
Slogan: Energy=Health

Bio-Tech Pharmacal, Inc., established in 1984, is a
fully insured, state and federally licensed, FDA registered, GMP (Good
Manufacturing Practices) inspected pharmaceutical/nutraceutical
(dietary supplements)
manufacturer specializing in innovative high
quality hypo-allergenic preventative health care products, shipped to
physicians, clinics, hospitals and pharmacies worldwide.   Bio-Tech Pharmacal partners with over 60 prestigious
institutions supplying products for use in clinical research.   Bio-Tech
has  introduced many innovative products, including D3-50,000 IU available
in a water soluble delivery form. Bio-Tech's D3 is also available in other doses such as D3-5,000 IU, D3-4,000 IU, and D3-1,000 IU. All doses of the D3 consistes of powder inside a capsule. The capsule may be swallowed or the powder inside may be emptied into water and it disolves with absolute no taste or odor. The D3 powder may also be sprinkled onto food. Easy to get down!

You may want to visit regarding 2 studies that looked at using D3-4,000 IU  during pregnancy. Very interesting! (By the way, they used Bio-Tech Pharmacal's D3-4,000 IU in the studies.)