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Location: Blossom Pilates & Soul Studio ▸

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Country: United States
State / Province: California
City: San Diego
Zip: 92103
Street: 3940 7th Ave #117
Phone: 858 224 3577
Mobile: 858 224 3577
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Website: Visits 577

Blossom Offerings:

Prenatal Pilates ~ Prenatal pilates specialist, Emily Unter-King has helped hundreds of pre and postnatal mama's successfully navigate the unique challenges of pregnancy with custom-tailored workouts that help restore your body's stability, postural integrity and deep core strength. Stay fit and healthy before, during and after pregnancy. To schedule a one-on-one introductory session for only $35, call us at (858) 224 3577.

MELT ~ Join certified MELT Method instructor, Debbie Lichter, at Blossom Pilates & Soul, and experience the breakthrough self treatment technique that has appeared multiple times on the Dr. Oz Show and the New York Times Bestsellers list, The MELT Method. Adding MELT to your life will eliminate stuck stress, relieve body aches and pains, and enhance you daily life by improving your digestion, sleeping, reducing inflammation and by boosting your body's natural ability to repair and restore. Blossom's MELT 60-minute re-balancing and restoring class will introduce you to the MELT Hands-Off Bodywork™ and allow you to experience how easy it is to create change in your body regarding misalignment, chronic pain, and the challenges associated with aging, active living, repetitive postures and pregnancy. Different from going to a therapist for bodywork, MELT empowers people with simple, self-care tools for long-term wellness. We will explore how to reacquire whole-body balance by directly affecting the cellular hydration of the connective tissue matrix using Hands-Off Bodywork™. Find out the root cause of body aches and experience immediate changes! The MELT Techniques are easy to learn, and will help you remain active, healthy and pain free throughout your pregnancy and for life! 

To experience MELT, try our 2 MELT Classes for 1 Special Offer for $15. Call us on (858) 224 3577 or visit  

About the Owner, Debbie Lichter ~ Debbie’s deep passion lies in helping people of all ages increase their confidence and happiness through empowered movement, body awareness, mindfulness, creative expression and spiritual practices. Her unique mission has blossomed into a flourishing pilates studio, a jewelry line called Urban Blossom Jewelry, and into a special style of training that adds new layers of depth and transformational results for her clients.

Debbie currently teaches Pilates & MELT in private,  group classes and workshops at her Hillcrest studio, Blossom Pilates and Soul, where she also designs and sells one-of-a kind handcrafted jewelry. She also speaks and facilitates at female empowerment, jewelry making and recovery-based workshops. Debbie holds the following qualifications: STOTT Certified Pilates Instructor, Certified MELT Method Instructor, a and member of the IDEA fitness association. Debbie graduated magna cum laude from UCLA in 1999 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature.