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Jessica Yarbrough
Jessica Yarbrough

Deb Davies is an amazing woman! She recently was a part of my birth team as my Doula and I am ever so grateful for her presence during the birth of my daughter. The moment she arrived in the birthing room, the entire atmosphere of the room changed. She created a calm and relaxing environment with just her presence which helped everyone in the room- including the nursing staff. The nurses said they had never seen such a calm and serene birth. The combination of the Hypnobirthing practice along with her skills as a Doula helped create a wonderful birthing experience. Im so proud to say that I was able to have a 100% natural birth! I highly recommend making Deb part of your birthing journey.
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I have been a patient of Deb Davies for almost a year now. My husband and I originally came to her for acupuncture and fertility and became pregnant shortly after our first visit. Once we decided we wanted an unmedicated birth we asked Deb to be our birth doula. Deb has a very warm and nurturing presence that allowed us to feel immediately comfortable with her. Throughout my pregnancy, I visited Deb for prenatal acupuncture. Deb not only soothed the aches and pains of my pregnancy but was also a great listener and support person. When the day came for our little guy to arrive, Deb arrived at our home ready to work. We decided my labor needed some encouragement so she began doing acupuncture to speed things up. I'm so thankful she was able to do this because I quickly progressed to having contractions every 4 minutes consistently. Deb was there every step of the way - prepping us for the transition to our hospital so that labor didn't slow down, supporting me during every contraction, supporting my husband so that he could confidently be there for me, updating and calming our families in the waiting room and coaching me on how to push when the time came. And that doesn't even begin to describe all of the support I felt from her on that day! She also repeatedly checked in with us before and after our birth to make sure we were doing ok. If you're looking for a gentle and caring doula that is extremely knowledgable about the birth process, will support your birthing decisions and will not replace, but rather support your partner as part of the birthing team, Deb Davies is the perfect fit!
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