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Country: United States
State / Province: California
City: San Francisco
Zip: 94146
Street: PO Box 46074
Phone: 866 418 1682
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Slogan: Aromatherapy and Natural Solutions for Personal Care

My name is Donya Fahmy. I'm the owner and founder of Dropwise Essentials and I am on a mission to help educate and empower people (especially women) to make safer, health conscious choices when it comes to their personal care products –-choices that enable them to honor their bodies, the safety and well-being of their loved ones, and the health of the environment.

The most important thing I've come to believe is that the life force within us has an innate intelligence of its own. For thousands of years, our ancestors successfully treated their ailments and illnesses with natural remedies –which was the only thing available to them. They were much more connected to the earth that gave them life and sustained them, than we are today. The underlying principle at play is to work WITH your body by supporting it with the proper nutrients not AGAINST it by bombarding it with foreign substances (like Over-the Counter and prescriptions meds) that it's not genetically designed to comprehend, let alone deal with.

Our Soothe Certified Organic Body Oil is the very same form that I used to treat my eczema. I supplemented the topical aromatherapy solution with an herbal tincture taken internally to support my liver, and to my delight the eczema cleared up and didn't re-appear for 7 years! These two simple steps had such a profound effect on my condition where repeated conventional medical treatment in the past had none. That is the true meaning of Flower Power!

Of course, inherent in my vision was promoting the concept of sustainability and "green" living because making products from plants is not as energy-intensive or polluting as making products with synthetic chemicals. And plant-based products are fully biodegradable at the end of their life cycle so there's no need to worry about what happens when they get into drains, and ultimately rivers and streams.

I personally create every product in the line by combining traditional aromatherapy blending techniques with plant-based skin care ingredients to handcraft an exquisite line of safe, gentle, and effective spa quality products that help you easily relieve stress, increase vitality, improve confidence or simply feel better.

 I hope you enjoy using our products as much as we enjoy making them and that you experience the benefits of true aromatherapy with each and every use!

Donya Fahmy
Donya Fahmy
Owner & Founder

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Dropwise Essentials is a San Francisco-based green health and wellness business, specializing in pure aromatherapy and natural solutions for personal care. Our motto is “If it’s not safe to put in your mouth, it’s not safe to put on your skin.” The vast majority of personal care products on the market today are LOADED with toxic chemicals and petroleum ingredients that are readily absorbed into your bloodstream and remain in your body –impacting your health and the environment. You deserve better. Find out what makes our products different and the logical alternative for health conscious and environmentally savvy consumers. For more information visit

Made from Pure Ingredients and Essential Oils

Green Beauty is not a fad, it’s an imperative and organic skin care is the foundation for it. From cradle to grave, we are committed to using primarily organic, sustainably grown and harvested bio-based raw materials, to ensure the safety and integrity of our products for everyday use; make a minimal footprint on the environment in terms of resources used to make them; and maintain full biodegradability at the end of their life cycle. Discover the different ways we are greening our business operations and practices to bring you safe essential oils and remedies.

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