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Last Updated on Tuesday, 2 April 2013 10:09pm
CONFUSED BY HEALTH CARE REFORM?!? We Are the People …. Who can help YOU! Join us at one of our Information & Enrollment Seminars Licensed agents will be available to help you with: 1. Understanding the law & how changes will affect you 2. Figuring out if you qualify for state assistance through a subsidy 3. Determining the best plan that meets the needs & budget for you & your family (plans offered through the state & major ins carriers in CA) 4. Enrolling you in the right plan to avoid...
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ACA Breast Pump Mandate Prompts Supply, Demand Problems.

Did you know that as of January 2014 Health care reform mandates that your health insurance plan covers breast pumps at no cost to you?

It will be a completely covered benefit which now runs us about $400 for a breast pump machine. This is great news in my opinion and means that the insurance companies are finally seeing the light!

"Effective January 1, the Affordable Care Act “required insurers to cover breast pumps at no cost to new moms.” Although the ACA “might seem like a bonanza for the breast pump trade,” the new law “requires insurers only to cover pumps—high-end models cost $400 or more—purchased through durable medical equipment suppliers (DMEs).” According to officials, “the implementation of the benefit hasn’t been without hitches” as providers wade “through the red tape required to open a DME” and hospitals grapple with supply and demand problems..."

If you have questions about Health Care Reform, feel free to contact me to discuss your plan options. I am a certified and licensed insurance agent, unlike the “certified enrollers” who have not even had back ground checks or fingerprints. Gail Amyer 858-922-0777


Joann Woolley
Joann Woolley I'm so glad to see this benefit afforded to everyone. I have heard that this is hurting some Laction businesses though. I wish that the law mandated that the insurance companies just covered the cost, didn't have to be so specific about "the provider" of the product and take business away from LCs.
August 30 @ 9:26pm