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Last Updated on Tuesday, 2 April 2013 10:09pm
CONFUSED BY HEALTH CARE REFORM?!? We Are the People …. Who can help YOU! Join us at one of our Information & Enrollment Seminars Licensed agents will be available to help you with: 1. Understanding the law & how changes will affect you 2. Figuring out if you qualify for state assistance through a subsidy 3. Determining the best plan that meets the needs & budget for you & your family (plans offered through the state & major ins carriers in CA) 4. Enrolling you in the right plan to avoid...
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Cara Dee
Cara Dee

I spoke to Gail today at the Family Fair in Del Mar. She was extremely insightful in regards to the type of insurance I am looking for. She thought of things I had not, which will be of great help to me in the future. My husband and I look forward to working with her for this upcoming open enrollment period! Thank you, Gail! Cara D.
· September 14 @ 2:13pm
NBP Mama
NBP Mama

Gail was very attentive to my insurance needs, knew the ins and outs of each plan, and was very helpful in the decision process of finding the right plan for me. Thank you Gail for getting me set up with affordable health insurance that fits my needs!
· April 2 @ 10:07pm