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Behind the Totally Awesome Baby Nurse and Doula Services
Imagine a Doula and all-around parenthood guide who considers helping mothers more than just a career. That’s the key to Veronica Hinojosa-Stang, the force behind Baby Nurse and Doula Services. Veronica has fourteen years of experience working with newborns, infants, twins, surrogates, and adopted babies. Her passion for teaching parents and for being a part of each baby’s arrival into the world sets her apart—in fact, it’s why she was your Totally Awesome pick for best midwife & doul...
July 30 @ 10:22pm

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Country: United States
State / Province: California
City: Santa Monica
Zip: 90403
Phone: 310 365 8042
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Website: http://www.Baby Nurse and Doula Services Visits 989
Slogan: We love helping parents in their transitioning into Parenthood by guiding, teaching and educating them.
Veronica Hinojosa Stang’s passion and expertise flows throughout every word on her website. Client testimonials abound with praise and gratitude for Baby Nurse and Doula Services, providing genuine, comprehensive guidance that instructs and involves the whole family in the process of newborn and postpartum care.

Veronica Hinojosa, has over a decade of professional experience , she is a Certified Newborn Care Specialist (Baby Nurse), Lactation Educator, Infant Sleep Trainer, Certified Happiest Baby Educator, Infant Massage Educator, Certified Nursing Assistant , Home Health Aide and Certified and Licensed Massage Therapist. Her work, performed with great love, commitment and competence, is constantly motivated by a mission to provide the best guidance in transitioning into parenthood.

A mother herself, she invites parents-to-be to join her into the new journey of learning how to become a successful parent. Veronica Hinojosa, has guided parents through successful, loving care for preemies, twins, surrogates and adopted infants. She is certified to offer overnight care so that tired parents may rest, and is available for 24-hour service . When asked what makes parents glad they chose her, Veronica modestly states, “When my time is finished with the family and I go, babies are sleeping through the night and parents feel comfortable and fulfilled caring for their love ones themselves.”

Serving the greater Los Angeles area and available for domestic and international travel.
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