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Move Play Grow and many other amazing services, practitioners and products will be showcased...all to support your baby and family at all stages!
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Country: United States
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City: Solana Beach
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Slogan: Building Better Babies from Birth

Pediatric physical therapists are a relatively unknown and untapped community resource, historically working with babies, toddlers, children, adolescents and their families when there is a medical diagnosis or clear developmental challenge. However, their unparalleled education in movement and the development of movement within the context of the whole child makes them the perfect professional to seek when there are specific questions or concerns about gross and fine motor skills. With the general health crisis at a tipping point, and more research coming out highlighting the importance of obtaining motor proficiency before grade school begins, pediatric physical therapists are the perfect professionals to answer your questions and to help get your babies and children on a stronger and more healthful lifestyle track from the beginning. It is my passion to bring knowledge and real skills to the general public to help build better babies from birth!

Wendi McKenna, Doctor of Physical Therapy and Pediatric Clinical Specialist, started teaching baby wellness classes in April 2011 in order to educate families about and how to resolve the unintended consequences of the “Back to Sleep” campaign and our pervasive “container culture.”

The original goal of class was to provide practical solutions and hands-on guidance to improve happy tummy time play for babies starting at birth. From there, the curriculum grew and classes now include topics such as understanding and enhancing the foundations of movement; practicing different handling techniques for movement and positional transitions; improving bonding/attachment and communication; identifying red flags; and choosing the right equipment for your baby.

Doctor of Physical Therapy