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Join Us at BabyFest, Sunday March 23rd
Move Play Grow and many other amazing services, practitioners and products will be showcased...all to support your baby and family at all stages!
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Introducing "I'm On My Way"

Baby Wellness Class for Expectant Parents; Pregnancy and Post-Partum Professionals; and Infant Caregivers

Do you really need the newest, 12-setting infant seat? Do you feel confident with how to hold/carry, play with and care for your newborn? Do you know how to best support your baby’s motor and sensory development? Do you have access to pediatric developmental specialists to help support you and your baby in the transition from womb to world?

I’m On My Way will empower you, increase your confidence, and give you the tools to improve bonding and meaningful attachment between you and your baby during this amazing journey. For professionals and caregivers, your clients and charges will benefit from your enhanced understanding of motor and sensory development to support baby’s transition from womb to world.