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New Advanced Skills and Support Class

Calling all tummy timers! Now that you have the basics for helping to make tummy time an active and enjoyable part of your day, it’s time to share and celebrate your successes, tackle new challenges, and expand your knowledge in more areas of interest. These classes are meant for ongoing support of your baby’s tummy time ebbs and flows. Tummy time is not always easy and what you learn and succeed with after the first class might not be the best answer for your baby in a week or two.

Topics may include:

How medical issues such as flat head, torticollis, and reflux impact tummy time and what you can do about it;
How you can dress/diaper/change and transition your baby in different ways to support development;
How tummy time can be practiced differently as your baby grows and matures (even using an exercise ball!); and
How we can more successfully avoid the use of containers and still have happy babies!