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Last Updated on Wednesday, 10 December 2014 12:51pm
NW on the News: Natural Birth Remedies and What to Eat when Pregnant
Andrea Meyer & Sarah Davis, from Midwives, Nature's Whisper, join us to discuss Natural Birth Remedies & What to Eat When Pregnant. Jolie Cash also joins us to discuss the benefits of Yoga when Pregnant.
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Vinyasa Mama

Vinyasa Mama, a time of practice set aside for the attachment parenting kind! Our teachers will lead you through an all levels Vinyasa Flow class offering up the spaciousness to tend to your child if needed. This class is mama focused, unlike Buddha Baby Yoga (mom & baby yoga), but children of all stages are welcome to attend. Worried that your child wil be too much of a distraction for your yoga practice? Perfect! Use this time as practice for life. Life as a mother can throw many distractions your way, so what better way than to work them out on the mat with the support of a loving mother herself!  Vinyasa Mama Yoga is every Tuesday and Thursday 11:15-12:30pm.  Daddy's welcome, because sometimes Vinyasa Daddy is just better than Kids Space! We hope to see you and your little yogini soon! Namaste.