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Last Updated on Wednesday, 10 December 2014 1:51pm
NW on the News: Natural Birth Remedies and What to Eat when Pregnant
Andrea Meyer & Sarah Davis, from Midwives, Nature's Whisper, join us to discuss Natural Birth Remedies & What to Eat When Pregnant. Jolie Cash also joins us to discuss the benefits of Yoga when Pregnant.
October 5 @ 9:04pm | 4 More Bulletin Posts ▸


Abigail Burd
Abigail Burd

I enjoyed Hot Mama yoga when pregnant and found it to be more than prenatal yoga -- child birth preparation mentally and physically. I take my baby to several of the mom and baby classes and we both love them.
· April 7 @ 10:26pm
Amy Saloner
Amy Saloner

I took classes with Jolie both when I was pregnant and when I my son was a baby. I met so many wonderful moms in my class, we would even spend time after class together. I also found Jolie's teaching style to be very supportive and nurturing. Childcare was such a bonus for me to be able to practice on my own as my son got older. Jolie's focus and attention on empowering women at all stages of life is such a unique facet to this studio. In addition I have worked with Jolie collaboratively as a professional and so value her integrity and passion for growth and community. Nature's Whisper and Jolie Cash are tops in my books!
1 of 1 users found this review helpful. · September 27 @ 8:12am