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Last Updated on Tuesday, 21 October 2014 8:54am
SafeSleeve for Smartphone Now on Kickstarter!
SafeSleeve has just launched a Kickstarter campaign for the world's first anti-radiation and RFID blocking wallet case for Smartphones (including the iPhone 6/6+)! Pre-order now and save up to 50% by backing their campaign here:
October 21 @ 8:58am


A Perez
A Perez

Really pretty thrilled about this product. I have had some friend telling me to get Belly Armor for a while, and was thinking about it. Then at the expo I came across SafeSleve and the showed me their laptop sleeve with and how it lowered the ELF/EMF, they showed this with the EMF/ELF detector. They did the same test with Belly Armor and nothing happened meaning Belly Armor didn't protect against ELF. I was shocked. I spend a significant amount of time on my laptop (as do many people) and I probably get most of my ELF exposure from my laptop, more than all other sources of exposure. So for sure this is a far better choice for me than Belly Armor if I had to choose only one. (And I didn’t like the idea of using a blanket with my laptop) Now, they did tell me that Belly Armor is more known to protect against RF so it does have its place, I'm not saying it doesn't. But since I'm on my laptop all day every day, it makes sense to have use this sleeve and have my laptop on it so I’m not exposed to the high amount of ELF/EMF that the laptop emits.

Maybe we can’t yet get rid of all EMF exposures in our lives (just yet), but this is a major one. And seeing it demonstrated with detector was the selling point for me.

I’m looking forward to more products from them in the future (such as the cell phone case, and hoping for a 17 inch sleeve size 
· September 15 @ 1:13pm