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Did you know that as of January 2014 Health care reform mandates that your health insurance plan covers breast pumps at no cost to you? It will be a completely covered benefit which now runs us about $400 for a breast pump machine. This is great news in my opinion and means that the insurance companies are finally seeing the light! "Effective January 1, the Affordable Care Act “required insurers to cover breast pumps at no cost to new moms.” Although the ACA “might seem like a bo...
This note came into our email box, and we found it too important not to share! There is currently a bill in the California legislature that will have huge benefits for families who desire out-of-hospital midwifery care, including allowing licensed midwives to take Medi-Cal!! BUT... Some not so positive elements that will restrict options for certain mothers, such as VBACs, have been added to the bill at the last minute. Lets not let a good bill get ruined! Call or email today! Please rea...
Om Sweet Om: 8 Family Yoga Studios
Pregnancy Exercises: Prenatal Yoga with Expert Jolie Cash
Baby Wellness Class for Expectant Parents; Pregnancy and Post-Partum Professionals; and Infant Caregivers Do you really need the newest, 12-setting infant seat? Do you feel confident with how to hold/carry, play with and care for your newborn? Do you know how to best support your baby’s motor and sensory development? Do you have access to pediatric developmental specialists to help support you and your baby in the transition from womb to world? I’m On My Way will empower you, increase y...
Our popular and signature class, Tummy to Play Everyday is now being offered regularly at BabyGarten in South Park, Babies in Bloom in Vista, and through Parent Connection at Scripps Mende Well Being Center. See website for dates and times!
Calling all tummy timers! Now that you have the basics for helping to make tummy time an active and enjoyable part of your day, it’s time to share and celebrate your successes, tackle new challenges, and expand your knowledge in more areas of interest. These classes are meant for ongoing support of your baby’s tummy time ebbs and flows. Tummy time is not always easy and what you learn and succeed with after the first class might not be the best answer for your baby in a week or two. Topi...
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