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Sane Mama
Scope out your possibilities and get real about riding them out with a free one hour mama-2-mama chat with me - in San Diego, or while you're nursing from home! I'll use tarot, astrology, and numerology to guide your direction into a fresh start as an awesome mom, juicy woman, and successful entrepreneur!
For parents and concerned family members who have been told their children are suffering from Autism, ADHD, Asperger's and other Spectrum Disorders.
Join Dr. Joe Merlo as he shares the principles of health and healing in a fun, informative way that will give you and your family actionable steps to achieve the natural heath and vitality you and your children deserve.
This is going to be a great event for the whole family! We will have self defense classes, fire trucks, finger printing & more! See you sat at 10:30
April is all about "Raisin" Healthy Kids! Enjoy a complete Chiropractic Exam and first adjustment for just $29!
Move Play Grow and many other amazing services, practitioners and products will be showcased...all to support your baby and family at all stages!
HypnoBirthing Class February 11th 6:30pm - 9:00pm Pregnant women sometimes believe that labor and pain go hand in hand. At The Family Room, we will show you how to enjoy your birthing experience through self-hypnosis to achieve a safer, easier, and more comfortable birth. For more information or to RSVP, please call Jennifer at (858)385-9028.
For the first time Move Play Grow is offering a Building Better Babies class at Baby Garten Studio for babies 4 to 9 months on Saturday, February 8th at 3pm! Come check it out!
Our first visit fee is regularly $75. If you mention this ad your first visit will be only $57! The first visit includes a wellness assessment, computer analysis of your nervous system, ranges of motion, and your first adjustment!!
DECEMBER HOLIDAY SPECIAL: If you missed our Holiday giveaway for the Dropwise Essentials' 2013 Holistic Pregnancy Summit Complete Recordings audio package, you can still get it at a substantial discount! From now through December 31st take 40% OFF with coupon code NBP12-40. Don't miss out on this priceless collection of recordings and related gifts and bonuses where some of the world’s foremost holistic pregnancy and natural birthing experts including Debra Pascali-Bonaro, Stephan...
The Family Room's Car Seat Safety Class will be held at Nature's Whisper School of Yoga tomorrow 12/13 from 7:30pm-9pm. Come learn how to choose the best car seat for your child and your vehicle, install it properly, make sure your baby is harnessed in properly and go over common errors parents make and how to avoid those errors. Class will be held at Nature’s Whisper Yoga in North Park. Class fee is $45, your spouse/partner may attend with you for free.
The Birth Education Center of San Diego is now hosting the Tummy to Play Everyday: First Timers class monthly on the 2nd Tuesday. Join our next class on Tuesday, December 10th at 11am!
Happy Holidays TFR Families! Thanksgiving is fast approaching and before you drive over the river and through the woods to grandmothers home fo the upcoming long weekend, make sure you babies are traveling safely. The Family Room is having a Thanksgiving Special on Car Seat Checkups. We want to make sure all car seats are installed properly before any road trips are taken, and since we know everyone is trying to save as much as they can for the up coming holidays, TFR has decided to di...
Take 30% OFF The Holistic Pregnancy Summit Complete Recordings audio package with coupon code NBP-30OFF (valid until midnight (11:59 PST) on December 15th). This is a collection of recordings and related gifts and bonuses from the Dropwise Essentials' 2013 Holistic Pregnancy Tele-Summit: A Celebration of New & Vibrant Life, where some of the world’s foremost holistic pregnancy and natural birthing experts share their unique perspectives, wisdom, and secrets for how to give birth to hea...
Are you confident in your knowledge of which beauty products are safe to use during pregnancy and which are NOT? Join Dropwise Essentials founder Donya Fahmy for a special FREE training call on Tuesday October 29th where you’ll learn what ingredients you (or your clients) MUST avoid and how to identify safer, more effective, natural alternatives like essential oils to set your baby (or your client’s baby) up for a long healthy future. Go to
There's little doubt that maintaining a healthy pregnancy is one of the keys to birthing healthier happier babies. So what exactly does it mean to haven a healthy pregnancy? There are the really obvious things like not smoking, drinking alcohol, or consuming drugs (recreational or otherwise) unless it's medically necessary and under the supervision of your OB or other health care practitioner. Then there's eating healthy, getting plenty of rest, staying fit,...
Andrea Meyer & Sarah Davis, from Midwives, Nature's Whisper, join us to discuss Natural Birth Remedies & What to Eat When Pregnant. Jolie Cash also joins us to discuss the benefits of Yoga when Pregnant.
Vinyasa Mama, a time of practice set aside for the attachment parenting kind! Our teachers will lead you through an all levels Vinyasa Flow class offering up the spaciousness to tend to your child if needed. This class is mama focused, unlike Buddha Baby Yoga (mom & baby yoga), but children of all stages are welcome to attend. Worried that your child wil be too much of a distraction for your yoga practice? Perfect! Use this time as practice for life. Life as a mother can throw many dis...
Hot Mama Yoga is about empowering woman, their changing bodies, and through them, their partners and children. By empowering woman in their bodies during the most important time of their life, I feel that I can bring the consciousness back to the support of the sisterhood. Hot Mama Yoga is about bringing women back to the source of spiritual experiences through pregnancy and birth. A time in life that has been forgotten where women support women, where women sit in circles of women and remin...
Chiropractic helps women to be as healthy as they can be during pregnancy. Having your spine checked by...
Red Raspberry leaf tea has shown tons of benefits before, during, and after pregnancy, as well as being considered one of the safest for consumption. It is full of vitamins and minerals to include: vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin B complex, calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, sulfate, phosphate, magnesium, manganese, zinc, chromium and fragrine (an alkaloid that tones tissues, especially beneficial for the uterus and pelvic muscles). Raspberry leaf tea has anti-abortient properties...
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