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baby sign language

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Country: United States
State / Province: California
City: San Diego
Zip: 92127
Street: 10760 Thornmint Rd
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Website: Visits 681
Slogan: baby sign language

Joann Woolley is a Master Level Instructor in the Signing Time Academy. ASL is her first language (her mother is deaf) and her first sign was MILK. Her life long experience with signing provides great insight to the language and how babies who sign have life long advantages.

In addition to teaching, Joann is interested in writing and shares some of her expertise in her blog, Sign4Baby earned Red Tricycle's Most Awesome Language classes in San Diego award for 2011.

Join our community of Sign4Baby class participants at our meetup group where we schedule story times, zoo outings, play dates, Hullabaloo concerts and classes. Helpful tips and reminders are posted on the Facebook page and Twitter. We've got quite a following, come join us!