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Eat Right For Your Body. Eat Right For Your Family. Eat Right For Our Planet.

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Country: United States
State / Province: California
City: Carlsbad
Zip: 92008
Phone: 760-212-9120
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Slogan: Eat Right For Your Body. Eat Right For Your Family. Eat Right For Our Planet.

My name is Vanessa Wells and I started True Nature Nutrition in 2011 with the goal of providing nutritional consulting services to the North County area, and online. I have a Bachelor's degree in from the University of Auckland. After a few years of working in an office, I returned and completed my Graduate Certificate in Human Nutrition (BS in Nutrition without all the 101 classes) and am working towards an MSc in Human Nutrition. I realized that my "dream job" was not in an office building. I love discovering how interesting and important nutrition is in life, and the impact that food has on the environment.

Then my daughter was born, and my eyes were opened to the world of healthy eating for life. Giving your child the best health in life begins before they are even conceived, and good eating habits start to develop in the womb. The foundations for a lifetime of good nutrition is laid in the first few years of life. It's my goal to help women give their children the best start possible, with healthy eating for the whole family. 

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