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Country: United States
State / Province: Michigan
Zip: 48150
Street: 31628 glendale ave
Phone: 3135747500
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Description: Gender Planning Before Pregnancy, Gender Detection After pregnancy. Urobiologics LLC is the first company to discover and prove that women have a pattern of alternating T/E ratios between two consecutive menstrual cycles, so that in one cycle this ratio is more than 1.0 and in next one less than 1.0. In simple words, in one cycle she is ready to conceive a boy and in the next a girl. About 90% of our customers have shown this alternating pattern. It is amazing to note that 92 out of 100 couples trying for a boy, for example, are getting a boy simply by conceiving in a boy cycle advised by us. The same is true for girls. We never ask anyone to buy any gender diets, or any book describing how to conceive a boy or girl, nor a calendar and nor any type of douching. It is all natural. We offer this service as PreGender Preconception test where we test two mid-cycle urine samples from two consecutive menstrual cycles to find this pattern and thereafter keep on advising and sending conception plans in appropriate cycles up to six months or till you conceive. No additional tests are needed. If they conceive in right cycle, they get the desired baby. It has never been so simple. All urine samples are received by mail. No travel to our lab is needed. Upon receiving an order, we ship you all the urine sample collection materials and ship ready Fedex / UPS envelops to send them back to us. We report within 2 days by email. Since 92% success rate is the highest in gender planning industry and is proven through the live-charts displayed at our website, we think it is reasonable to assume that women have the inherent power to sort and select X & Y sperm. Here we show customer's email address along with the case history of tests performed by us and as to how did they get their desired babies. Any potential customer can contact any of them to get a feed-back. No other company can do that because they know they are selling garbage and they don't want their customers to talk to each other. Another support for this thinking is offered by the scientific explanation given by us at the same link as to why certain couples have more boys or girls. In some women, their inherent hormonal pattern is a bit skewed toward one direction, so that they get easily conceived in one cycle over the other. This skew is so powerful that if a couple having, say four boys, keeps trying for a girl on their own and same way, there is a greater chance they end up getting another boy. Our job is to alarm them to avoid conception in boy cycle. Only then they can get a girl. The same is true otherwise. To this we call Gender Specific Natural Conception.