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The Perfect Storm Webinar
For parents and concerned family members who have been told their children are suffering from Autism, ADHD, Asperger's and other Spectrum Disorders.
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Country: United States
State / Province: California
City: El Cajon
Zip: 92020
Street: 422 South Pierce Street, Suite A4
Phone: (619) 938-1800
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Slogan: We are the go to office for all things prenatal, pediatric and family wellness care.

Welcome to World of Wellness Chiropractic! We are excited to introduce you to our office. World of Wellness Chiropractic is the go to office for all things prenatal, pediatric and family wellness care. Our passion is helping moms, babies, and kids live to their highest health potential. We believe health is everyone’s birth right!!!

How are we unique? Dr. Gina Caserma is a Family Wellness Chiropractor, who has special training in pediatric and prenatal care. As a Family Wellness Chiropractor, Dr. Caserma focuses on Chiropractic’s guiding principle that your body is self healing and self regulating. This healing and regulation happens through the ability of your brain and body to communicate without interruption or interference. The body is made up of muscles, organs and glands that are controlled by the nervous system, and the nervous system consists of the brain, spinal cord and nerves. The brain sends signals down the spine and to the nerves, which tell the heart to beat, the lungs to breathe, the stomach to digest, the glands to produce necessary hormones, and so on. If there is even the slightest misalignment in the spine, it will create nerve interference or a subluxation and interrupt those signals. It’s when these signals are affected that the body begins to lose proper function and symptoms begin to occur. You can go many weeks without food, for a week or so without water, for a few minutes without air, but not even a second without the life energy and information streaming across your nerves. To be fully alive you need to be fully connected. Dr. Caserma locates and corrects subluxations that interfere with your nervous system communications. Common indicators of nerve interference or subluxation could be ear infections, colic, breech presentations, in-utero constraint, latch difficulties, breastfeeding challenges, neck/back pain, allergies, and headaches. Our staff loves kids and is available to assist in watching your children or to hold your baby during your adjustment. Our office caters to families by offering open adjusting; a specialty table that allows our pregnant mamas to lie face down, a kid area and a mom and baby room to change diapers and nurse.

In addition to superior chiropractic care, we supply our patients and community with the latest health and wellness information. We partner with the birthing community to educate and empower moms, moms to be and their families to live a healthy happy life.

We look forward to meeting you.




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