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Hi All,


I am an acupuncturist here in San Diego and I have a client who is looking for someone to encapsulate her placenta for her after she delivers in Feb. I have done this before, however I am looking for others (Acupuncturists, doulas, etc) who provide this service. She will want to have it done the TCM way (steamed with lemon and ginger).

Please let me know if you or someon you know provides this service.




Adam Meyerowitz, L.Ac

[email protected]

Hi Adam...have you met Tiffany over at Embracing Labor or Jennifer over at The Family Room?  

Also, we have a category in our directory for Placenta Encapsulation.  You may want to have a look at that category for a list.  Feel free to share this discussion thread with your client and/or the link above.

All the best!

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