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OMG what an experience... geeze! I am sooo happy we did the bradley classes AND switched to best start because 1-theres no WAY we could have done that type of birth at a hospital... and 2-theres no way I could have lasted through all those contractions and whatnot without flipping out knowing the breathing and relaxation techniques! So I will write my story and hope you like it.
Being 4 days late I was super uncomfortable.  The day before (sat 11/8) I had majorly lost my plug and was told by my cousin and it would be within a day or two.  My dad took my husband and I to dinner around 4pm and I started to get some contractions about 10-20 minutes apart.  They kept up the rest of the evening then dropping to about 10 minutes apart consistently until about 11pm then they went to about 5-8 minutes. I was so tired I tried laying down but couldn't sleep.

They kept getting stronger so I called the midwife (Jude) and she said to call her in an hour see where I'm at. So we ended up leaving at about 12:30am to go down there for her to check me out. I was only 2cm and 75% effaced so she told us to go home, get sleep, eat and rest up and thought we would be back in a few hours to have her. We went home, I tried sleeping and that was worthless. Everytime I just barely fell asleep another contraction hit. So after a long night of no sleep, we called Jude again around 7am telling her how miserable I was and the contractions were about 5 minutes apart consistently since 2am when we got home from the birth center. She said to come in around 8am and see where I was at.

We got there and I was 2 1/2 cm 95% effaced so she sent us walking Balboa Park for 2 hours. We did that and thank G-D they have tree lined streets because those trees were what I used to lean on during the contractions.

I tried eating some food and felt so nauseated so i didn't really eat during the day at all. After our walk at 10am I was now 3cm. I was told we couldn't be admitted until I was 4cm so then we were sent to walk up and down the stairs!! I rolled around on the labor ball for a while (in the waiting foyer area) then went up and down the stairs a few times and finally was checked around 1pm and I was finally 4!!! Horray! They admitted me and let us all go into the room upstairs and walked around, layed down, rolled on the birth ball, then they told me they wanted me to get some sleep since I hadn't slept since the day before. They had me get into the tub and wanted me to sleep between contractions which was impossible.  

Jude suggested breaking my water around the time I got out because it would speed up my labor. I was nervous for that but it didn't hurt at all and it totally sped up my labor. I labored a little longer on the birth ball then an hour or so later I got back in the tub. 

The hardest part was about 8-9 cm when I had lilke non-stop contractions for so long (literally like 30 seconds if that inbetween) and I was in the water and couldn't push...the urge was unbearable and I thought at that time I was not going to finish birthing there. I said "i can't do this!" (Helllooo transition!) and Jude said I had to it's all me now. Finally she checked me and I was able to push and man.. that was INTENSE. That "ring of fire" when the head starts to come out was the worst thing. They said the head was there and it would come out in the next few pushes. It felt like a 5 minute long contraction and then she popped her head out. They asked if I wanted to feel the head and I said no just get her out. I then pushed and something overwhelmed my body and it felt like an out of body experience when I did that last push and I flipped around to some other random position and my husband had to hold me down cause i freaked out and out she came... she slid out like jello once her head was out..soooo weird. She latched on to breast feed immediately I was so excited. Lilly popped out at 8:20pm (the same time I was born) and was 7lbs 13oz and 20.75".

They knew I was a germ a phobe and didn't want to birth the placenta in the water so they drained it immediately after she came out and about 4 minutes later then the other midwife was ther (Roberta) and birthed my placenta---she told me to push and that slid out like jello! It was so bazaar!!

Her dad then took her and they had me get into the bed so they could examine me and make sure everything was good. I tore a little because Lilly decided to come out with her hand up by her neck and that made me tear a little. So they did the stiches and then gave me an ice pack and help heal me. 

I ended up having some major bleeding and the midwives were a bit concerned since it was more then normal. They said "if we don't get this under control we will have to transfer you to the hospital"..heck no! My blood pressure dropped to 60, I was dizzy, light headed and couldn't even move or hear. They gave me an IV, a big bag of pitocin, a SHOT of pitocin in my thigh, and then 2 bags of IV fluid. All was ok after that. Well, minus the freakin avocado sized (or so) clots I has having as they pushed on my belly all was ok. 
We ended up getting it all under control and were able to go home at about 5:45 am. Not too bad--9 hours from birth. We got home around 6:15am then got a tiny bit of sleep before the family came over.

Did it hurt? Hell yea. Would I do it again that way next time? You bet. I have had such an easy time recovering and Lilly is so bonded to us it's unbelievable. Getting to bond with her from the second she came out without her being drugged up was so nice. She really was so alert and aware and content. I can't imagine any other way. 

I am so thankful everything has gone so smooth with my pregnancy and birth. I truly believe your diet has SUCH a huge affect on your birth it's unblievable. Also the bradley relaxation techniques were a HUGE life saver... HUGE HUGE HUGE!! I was so impressed I was able to actually do it. OH and Sam--he was A-mazing.. I can't believe how well he did... he even says now he's so thankful we switched over to best start---he was the best coach ever and he's even the best dad.. I can't even believe it... Lilly is such a daddy's girl already from day 1 Smile
This is coming from a girl who won't travel to another country where I need to have a shot to travel there because I hate needles lol.

that part when the body comes out is so strange.  It felt so fast and slippery...made me think of a snake or lizard or something!  It sort of grossed me out it was so odd feeling.  congratualions on a great birth

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