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Emily Perez said...

I am in search of a holistic, kid-friendly dentist for my 14mo old. Any recommendations in the north county area would be greatly appreciated Smile . Thank you!

Hi Emily, I have been doing some research because from my own experience it has been very challenging in San Diego to find a holistic dentist who treats children specifically. We have worked with Super Dentists and Scoma Pediatric Dentistry in our work and personal experience and have had positive experiences, but they are not specifically holistic. I have another dentist who is holistic, Carey O'Reilly, who is in Encinitas, but his primary focus is not on children. I am in the process of bringing on holistic and other dentists to begin talking about your options. Thank you for your really important question and we are doing our best to get more support for you. 

Amy Saloner, LCSW
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