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(original post by Sign4Baby) I had natural births with the support of both of these OBs and would recommend them because of their tendancy toward non intrusive checkups and extra personal bedside manner that makes mom and dad both comfortable. I never felt that I was having something done that I didn't understand or didn't feel comfortable with as they took time to explain anything even if it were routine in nature. Based on having an open dialogue I was able to develop a birth plan that was both a good fit for us and flexible in nature. What I mean by this is that I was afraid of having a routine episiotomy and expressed this so we talked about in what circumstance it would be appropriate and in what situation I felt a natural tear would better suit my needs. When women feel empowered and educated by their doctors it can be a beautiful relationship. Their practice is in Hillcrest just across the way from Scripps Mercy Hospital. I birthed 3 babies unmedicated and feel the support of these two OBs assisted in that coming to fruition.

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