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Watch the 2013 Your Natural Baby Fair LIVE online!

We're partnering with New Mommy Media to bring you LIVE video highlights from the fair including interviews with key speakers and important demonstrations!

Want to be part of the conversation? Type your question or comment in the chat box below, or use twitter hashtag #YNBF2013 and we’ll share it on the air!

View the schedule of the day's events below the video.

About New Mommy Media
New Mommy Media, LLC is the creator of three dynamic podcasts for new and expecting parents: Preggie PalsParent Savers and The Boob Group. Through their weekly episodes, these shows educate and entertain moms and dads as they transition into parenthood.

Welcome to the Your Natural Baby Fair/ Mother's Blessing
Learn about all the fun things to do at the fair each year, from the fair’s main organizers. Plus, a special mother’s blessing to help kick off this important day.

The First Hour After Birth: What Parents Need To Know
Penny Simkin, well-known Author and Doula, will share her vast wisdom and recommendations with regard to that precious first hour after a child is born.

Preparing for Childbirth: Exploring Your Options
When you picture your birth, what do you see? We’ll demystify your options and explore the possibilities of planning for your birth- featuring a panel of birth professionals.

Attachment Parenting, An Evolving Paradigm
Linda Palmer, author of The Baby Bond, discusses the growing body of evidence continues to confirm the values of natural parenting practices.

Vitamin D for LIFE Protection--Pregnancy through Maturity
This talk, featuring Carole Baggerly of Grassroots Health, will focus on how to PREVENT major complications of vitamin D deficiency from pre-term births to breast cancer.

Sage Parenting For Postpartum
Rachel Rainbolt, author of Sage Parenting, encourages parents to be empowered to create the postpartum period that will set you on the path to parenting success.

Natural Childbirth Preparation Methods: Meet Your Educators!
Which childbirth option is best for you? This talk, featuring a panel of childbirth educators, will teach you more about the methods available to help you better prepare for your big day.

Managing Speed-Bumps Along Your 'Breastfeeding Path'
What are the speed-bumps you’re currently experiencing while breastfeeding? Robin Kaplan, host of our podcast, The Boob Group, answers your questions!

Conscious Conception and Empowered Family Planning
Layla Adonai, doula and holistic healer, shares some of the choices and processes that can support your conscious intentional journey into the magical world of birth and parenting.

Vaccine Decisions for Pregnant Women, Infants, and Families
Dr. Bob Sears, a well-known author and pediatrician, presents the pros and cons of childhood and adult vaccinations.

Alternatives to Traditional Vaccines
We’ll discuss some alternatives to traditional vaccine use, so you have the facts you need to make your own informed decision- featuring a panel of experts who offer those alternatives.

Demystifying Baby Sign Language
Baby sign language expert, Joann Woolley, helps you see the connection that is so critical in turning sign language from something you teach your baby- into something you do to play with your baby!

Installing Your Child's Car Seat
It’s one of the first safety measures you do to protect your newborn baby. See some of the common mistakes parents make when buckling up their babies!

The Importance of Tummy Time
What are the main benefits of this gentle exercise? How can it help in your baby’s development? And what are some strategies to help a fussy baby feel at home on his belly?

Babywearing: Finding the Carrier That's Right for You
Get a firsthand look at some of the most popular baby carriers on the market. Plus, we’ll show you the safe way to wear your baby with each of these carriers.

Fair Goodbye
A final farewell and thank you from the organizers and supporters at the fair.

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