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The Natural Baby PROJECT is....

Not just a website (; not just fun events (Natural Baby Project, San Diego)… the Natural Baby Project is a vision to be acheived using the website and local events and community as our vehicle.  A vision shared by many others around the world for better, naturally healthier babies, births, and families.

Natural medicines and options have many benefits unknown to the vast majority of the population…  We are all familiar with the powers, strengths and benefits of modern medicine - but, until natural alternatives have gained the respect and attention we feel  they deserve, additional support and focus is mandatory, especially through education, to promote their value and place in the health and well-being of babies and families everywhere.

Local Natural Baby Projects, combined with the website, can create a Proactive Resource for Parents and Practitioners alike to to use as we move towards and support this shared vision…

The Vision & Purpose

  • A MOVEMENT towards Natural & Integrative Care for Preconception, Pregnancy & Babies as the NORM:
    • Supporting the choices for natural alternatives in care for babies and families through education about, and connection to, natural focused professionals, providers, and products.  
    • Spotlighting Professionals, Providers, Products, Information, Classes and Events focused on naturally supporting fertility, pregnancy, birth, and baby care… a movement towards naturally healthier babies and families.

Help us paint the vision and focus on conscious and healthy preconception, pregnancy, birth, baby and family care… We need to paint the image together; work together to support it - the more who share this vision, the faster it will come to reality and the greater its success will be.

Local Natural Baby Projects

San Diego is currently the only location for our local projects; however, we are planning on starting other local projects across the country.  If you are interested in starting a Natural Baby Project in your area, please contact us.